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Air Disinfection

Air disinfection systems are deployed where there is a risk of contamination by airborne micro-organisms. These air handling systems typically provide an ideal breeding ground for micro-organisms and can present a range of issues to food processors.


• Premature spoilage of products.

• Cross contamination.

• Reduced shelf life.

• Consumer health risk.

• Increased customer complaints. TYPICAL AREAS OF DEPLOYMENT INCLUDE:

• Processing and packaging facilities.

•Product cooling.

• Storage and ripening rooms.
 • Maturation and cutting rooms.

•Coil cleaning (evaporator coolers and air handling systems).

UVT's Air Disinfection solutions can alleviate these issues.


• Extended product shelf life

• Reduced cross contamination and a reduction in wastage

• Product quality as a whole is increased

• Products retain constant weight and colour for longer

• Hygiene standards are safeguarded (HACCP compliance)
 • Reduce harmful odours associated with mould and bacterial growth

• Improved general IAQ for better productivity/reduced absenteeism
 • Lower HVAC operational costs - energy & maintenance saving.