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Low Risk/High Risk Transfer

We manufacture a range of 'Low Risk - High Risk transfer solutions to eliminate the risk of transferring bacteria between low and high care areas when transferring products and equipment.


•The decontamination of inbound raw materials into the facility-ingredients, packaging etc. 
•The decontamination of finished goods prior to despatch.

• Product rework where packaging is incorrectly applied or printed etc.

 •Disinfection of engineers tools & equipment.

Solutions are typically bespoke and are designed around factors including product nature, size and throughput volume.


• Significantly higher Log reduction than traditional wash based systems. UV-C can achieve up to Log 4+
 •The removal of water based systems results in significant costs savings both directly in terms of water reduction in micro-organisms. and chemical usage, but also in terms of the necessary treatment/disposal of contaminated waste water.

• Reduced wastage. 
• As a dry decontamination procedure, UV-C tunnels have also been shown to extend product shelf life and increase the operational efficiency in a variety of food production facilities.

•BRC B compliance, Non chemical/thermal process.