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Surface Disinfection Systems

Surface disinfection systems are deployed in the food industry in order to disinfect equipment.


•Conveyor and deboning belts, dough rising surfaces and other food preparation surfaces etc. •Machine housings - filling, slicing etc.

•  Cutting blades, knives, workwear. 
• Packaging including food trays, foil, films and plastic lids.

• Equipment storage-medical, dental or veterinary Instruments, the disinfection of fragile objects etc. BENEFITS INCLUDE:

• Reduced wastage. 
• Non chemical/thermal process.

• HACCP compliance.

• Reduced cross contamination.

Infection through contact with surfaces is one of the most common causes of the contamination of

foodstuffs with

bacteria and mould.

The existence of micro-organisms on equipment is usually an unavoidable fact, and when they come into contact with

foodstuffs this can often greatly reduce the shelf life of the products. In addition to this, micro- organisms can present a health risk such as E Coli, Salmonella, Campylobacter etc...

Equipment surfaces are treated with high intensity UV-C and depending on the dosage up to

99.99%+ of micro-organisms can be destroyed.