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Flow Meter Calibration Service

Flow meters are devices used to measure the rate of flow of liquids or gases in pipelines. Calibration of flow meters is essential to ensure that the readings obtained from the device are accurate and reliable. Here are the steps we follow to calibrate a flow meter: Prepare the flow meter for calibration. Clean the flow meter and remove any debris that may interfere with the accuracy of the readings. Make sure the flow meter is installed in the pipeline, and the necessary valves are open. Select a suitable calibration fluid. The fluid should have a known density and viscosity, and its properties should be similar to the fluid that the flow meter is designed to measure. The fluid should also be chemically compatible with the flow meter components. Set up a flow loop. A flow loop is a closed circuit that circulates the calibration fluid through the flow meter. The loop should include a pump, a tank to hold the calibration fluid, and a measuring device to monitor the flow rate. Establish a stable flow rate. Use the pump to circulate the calibration fluid through the flow meter at a constant flow rate. Wait until the flow rate stabilizes before taking measurements. Take measurements. Record the readings from the flow meter and the measuring device at the same time. Take multiple readings at different flow rates to ensure accuracy. Repeat this process several times to obtain a reliable average value. Analyze the data. Compare the flow meter readings with the measuring device readings to determine the flow meter's accuracy. If the readings are not consistent, adjust the flow meter or replace any components that may be causing the discrepancies. Document the calibration. Record the calibration results, including the calibration fluid used, the flow rates, and the flow meter readings. Document any adjustments made to the flow meter. By following these steps, we calibrate a flow meter and ensure its accuracy. Regular calibration is necessary to maintain accurate readings and detect any errors or problems with the flow meter. Additional Information: Item Code: FMC Production Capacity: 10 Delivery Time: 2 weeks Packaging Details: wooden Get Best Quote

Calibration Interval 6 Months
Service Type Liquid non hazardeous
Industry Type Process Industry
Calibrated For Customer Requirement
Measurement Range >700 PSI
Number Of Flow Meters 10
Service Location At Site or In Lab
online/offline online
Mass flow Mass and Volume flow