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Utm Machine Calibration Services

A Universal Testing Machine (UTM) is used to test the mechanical properties of materials such as tensile strength, compression strength, bending strength, and shear strength. Calibration of the UTM is essential to ensure that it provides accurate and reliable results. Here are the steps we follow to calibrate a UTM: Prepare the UTM for calibration. Make sure that the UTM is clean, properly lubricated, and free of any debris that may interfere with the accuracy of the readings. Select a suitable calibration standard. The calibration standard should have a known and traceable value for the property being measured, such as force, displacement, or strain. The calibration standard should be of a similar material to the test sample and be within the range of the UTM's capabilities. Install the calibration standard. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to install the calibration standard onto the UTM. Ensure that the standard is aligned properly and securely fastened. Perform a zero-force calibration. Set the UTM to the zero-force setting and check that the force reading is zero. If the reading is not zero, adjust the UTM accordingly. Perform a calibration at a known force or displacement. Apply a known force or displacement to the calibration standard and record the readings from the UTM. Take multiple readings at different force or displacement levels to ensure accuracy. Repeat this process several times to obtain a reliable average value. Analyze the data. Compare the readings from the UTM with the known value of the calibration standard to determine the UTM's accuracy. If the readings are not consistent, adjust the UTM or replace any components that may be causing the discrepancies. Document the calibration. Record the calibration results, including the calibration standard used, the force or displacement levels, and the UTM readings. Document any adjustments made to the UTM. By following these steps, you can calibrate a UTM and ensure its accuracy. Regular calibration is necessary to maintain accurate results and detect any errors or problems with the UTM Additional Information: Item Code: UTMC Production Capacity: 10 Delivery Time: 2 weeks Packaging Details: wooden

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