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Sound Level Meter Calibration

Sound level meters are devices used to measure sound pressure levels in decibels (dB). Calibration of a sound level meter is important to ensure that it provides accurate and reliable measurements. Here are the steps to calibrate a sound level meter: Prepare the sound level meter for calibration. Make sure the battery is fully charged, and the device is functioning properly. Remove any protective covers and attachments. Select a suitable calibration source. The calibration source should produce a stable and known sound pressure level at a specific frequency. The calibration source can be a sound calibrator or a reference standard. Mount the sound level meter on the calibration source. Attach the sound level meter to the calibration source using a mounting adapter or magnetic base. Ensure that the sound level meter is securely attached and properly aligned. Set the calibration frequency and sound pressure level. Set the calibration frequency and sound pressure level to match the specifications of the sound level meter. Use a sound generator or a computer program to generate the desired signal. Record the readings from the sound level meter. Turn on the sound level meter and record the readings from the device. Take multiple readings at different frequencies and sound pressure levels to ensure accuracy. Repeat this process several times to obtain a reliable average value. Analyze the data. Compare the readings from the sound level meter with the calibration source readings to determine the meter's accuracy. If the readings are not consistent, adjust the sound level meter or replace any components that may be causing the discrepancies. Document the calibration. Record the calibration results, including the calibration source used, the frequency and sound pressure level settings, and the sound level meter readings. Document any adjustments made to the sound level meter. By following these steps, we calibrate a sound level meter and ensure its accuracy. Regular calibration is necessary to maintain accurate readings and detect any errors or problems with the sound level meter Additional Information: Item Code: SLM Production Capacity: 100 Delivery Time: 2 week Packaging Details: Wooden

Maximum Sound Level 140 dB
Location site
Number Of Sound Level Meters 10
Industry Type Engineering
Mode Of Report Hard Copy
Service Charges 1000
Calibration Interval Yearly
Calibrated For Customer Requirement